What do copywriters charge? January 5th, 2012 0 Comments

Some copywriters charge by the word. Others by the hour. We charge by the project – which is why this question is a little tricky to answer.

The truth is that every project is different and no copywriter worth his or her salt will give you a price without first knowing a little bit about your business and exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve with the copy.

What we can say is that the price you’re quoted won’t suddenly change half way through a job. Which means that if things end up taking us longer than expected, you’ll get a whole lot of our time for free.

Speeding up a copywriting quote

If you’re looking for a quote, it always helps if you’ve got the following information ready for us:

1) A page or word count (and in the case of a website, a site map)
2) Some background information on your products and services, including a list of competitors
3) A rough overview of what it is you’re trying to achieve with the copy
4) A timeline for the project


If you’d like an estimate on a copywriting project you’ve got planned, why not talk to us today?


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