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Proofreaders and proofreading services

Whether your thesis deadline is looming or you’re about to give the presentation of your life, a fresh pair of eyes (especially trained ones like ours) can make a big difference to the quality of your final draft.

Typos, spelling errors and formatting inconsistencies all create a poor first impression. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we go through your copy with a fine tooth comb, tidying up loose ends, aligning paragraphs and ironing out any spelling or grammatical clangers.

Why not use other proofreaders?

Typically, proofreaders focus their attention on removing errors. As copywriters, we go one step further. We consider whether your document is saying what you want it to say – in the best way. If you’d like us to, we’ll make little suggestions on how you could improve the flow of your sentences or your overall argument. That’s something that most proofreaders don’t do.

Turnaround time

In exceptional cases we may be able to turn your document round overnight, but we usually ask for 24-36 hours. The best thing is to give us a buzz and we can talk it through.

Ready to send us your draft?

If you’d like a quote, why not give us a call today? We’ll happily review a couple of pages free of charge to let you know how much work we think is involved.

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