Looking for copywriters in Kent? May 21st, 2013 0 Comments

Ah Kent. What a great place to be: 45 minutes to the beach, 45 minutes from London … and more green fields and woodland than you can shake a Pooh-stick at.

There’s another good reason for being here. The area is a creative hotspot.

Mmmm … fresh air

The sheer number of designers, illustrators, developers, photographers, videographers, producers and copywriters in Kent proves that lungfuls of fresh air and a bit of space to walk the dog are as much of a tonic for the creative soul as any Shoreditch loft.

Clients feel the benefit too. Down here, there are fewer revolving doors, chrome banisters or pink-themed break-out zones to maintain, which means lower overheads and (on the whole) lower fees.

Creatives working together

We’ve found there’s a collaborative sort of vibe in Kent – one advantage, I suppose, of being based in a mid-sized town like Tunbridge Wells rather than a sprawling city. Not that we’re all doing tit-for-tat work, writing a few lines of copy or code for the local bakery in return for a hanky of muffins.

Creative businesses here are as serious about what they do as anywhere else, with client lists that include global brands and national businesses. They’re just a bit more relaxed than their urban cousins. And that, we think, has a really positive impact on the sort of work we all do.

Let’s talk!

So whether you’re another creative agency looking to collaborate with copywriters in Kent, or a business looking to improve the quality of your marketing content, we’re more than happy to take time out to get to know you and your business. Why not call us today, or drop us a line?

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